How to Sell Jewelry Online: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Do you make jewelry and you want to discover the best methods to sell your pieces on the internet? Use the ultimate beginner’s guide and learn how to sell jewelry online like a pro!

So, you are making your own jewelry pieces and you are interested in selling them online? Selling jewelry online is a great way for you to make some extra money and an opportunity for you to establish your own online shop.

The Internet today allows us to sell jewelry online with ease and attract customers from all over the world, which is impossible to accomplish If you see your jewelry in a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Sell Jewelry through Your Own Website

The cheapest and the most convenient way to sell your jewelry online is by buying your own domain name and build your own website to sell your pieces on it.

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There are many different ways you can use when creating your website. If you have experience in web designing, you can use your own skills and build your website from the ground up. But, if you are not introduced to the basics of web designing, you can hire professional web developers and designers who can do the job for you.

Once you build your website, it is important to promote it. You will attract visitors and potential customers to your site by using marketing and SEO strategies. When promoting your store, you need to clearly show why you are different than the other sellers, what sets your store apart, what is your mission, and etc. Show your customers who you are.

Sell Jewelry on Etsy, eBay, and WePay

Selling jewelry on platforms that already exist can be beneficial to your business as there is an established and secure market and enough visitors looking for new products to buy. The only downside to using platforms such as Etsy, eBay, and WePay is that you will have to give a certain percentage of your sale to them.

On some platforms, you must also pay a subscription fee and a seller fee for each purchase, as well as, a PayPal processing fee. However, in some cases, all of these charges and fees are worth it as you are going to sell large quantities thanks to the popularity of these websites.

Choose the option that suits your products, your budget, and your business the most!  

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