The Best Sell online Tips for Your Original Paintings, Art and Jewelry Online

While buying and selling original paintings, art and jewelry online can bring impressive profit margins, making your own and selling can increase your profit margin 3-fold. All this boils down to having a strong online presence, which is why choosing a reputable online store is key. As far as strong eCommerce platform is concerned, eBay goes a long way. So how can you sell your original paintings, art, and jewelry on eBay? Well, here are the steps to take:

  •  Have an idea of the product you want to sell on hand

In this case, you want to sell your original paintings, art, and jewelry. Just ensure your products are top quality. Original items like paintings, art, and jewelry, can sell pretty fast, since people are constantly searching out for original items to keep in their houses as souvenirs.

  • Set up your account to sell online jewelry, painting, and art

The next step is to set up your account (seller account). Registration to sell online jewelry, paintings and art on eBay requires that you create a username and strong password. eBay will keep your contact information on file, so make a point to confirm it. Also, you’ll need to provide a valid payment system (PayPal or credit card) to receive payments. You’ll also be required to verify your payment system for security purposes.


  •  List your original sell online Jewelry, paintings, and art

First, you have to curate descriptions of your products. EBay has guidelines for writing product descriptions, but you can come up with your own. Only ensure to use easy to understand language. Tailor your descriptions to your target customers by choosing the most relevant category and keywords.

At this time, you must have high-quality pictures of these products on hand. EBay allows sellers to upload up to 12 pictures for free. Attach price tags for your items. Come up with competitive shipping costs for each product (eBay provides you with recommendations for shipping charges).

  • Promote your original sell online jewelry, paintings, and art

Promotion is a critical stage in the selling process. There are different techniques you can use to promote your original items. Craft interesting and informative blog posts to alert readers about your sale. An effective salesperson must have active social media accounts. So promote your products on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to let your follows know you’re selling something on eBay. Create promotional boxes (graphic displays that create awareness on featured items and sales) yourself or leverage eBay’s guided setup to create one.

  • Manage your sell online jewelry, painting and art account

You can always check to see if a potential customer has viewed, placed a bid on or purchased your original items. Just go to your eBay dashboard and check out. You’re at liberty to revise your listing whenever you deem appropriate. You can also spend quality time to answer questions from potential customers. Laying the foundation of trust makes customers more likely to buy your products.

  • Close a sale in your sell online jewelry, paintings, and art account

When you make your first sale, ensure you give up to the mark customer service to get great feedback from your client. Positive feedback from clients who’ve bought your products and enjoyed them can motivate other customers to buy from you. This phenomenon called ‘’social proof’’ can enhance your brand such that customers will be coming back to buy. They will also be referring other customers to your eBay location. Talk to your buyers about shipping and only ship when the money has checked into your account. eBay enables you to create shipping labels and packing slips in a free and convenient way. It’s a matter of printing them out and taping them to your packages.

So that’s how easy and convenient it is to sell your original paintings, art, and jewelry on eBay. There are other platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify that you can build your own store from scratch. Essentially, they offer you the opportunity to create your own store from scratch and manage it. The bottom-line is: Selling your original paintings, art, and jewelry online is a lot easier today with advances in technology.

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